Protect Nature Now

Our Protect Nature Now campaign will initially focus on containing GE microbes—and we stand ready to address other emerging threats as they arise.



The Protect Nature Now Coalition

PNNC’s mission is to identify anti-GMO grassroot activist organizations  with similar core values and principles and help accelerate their growth and expansion. By offering professional campaign strategies, PNNC helps to create powerful and unique growth outcomes. Our grants help chosen anti-GMO grassroot activist organizations run professional campaigns for free with media engagement, strategic partnering and elected official outreach opportunities. Our platform technology, including back-end AI-driven resources and legislative experts, offer a combination of profound possibilities without the typical delays of a technological learning curve, financial drain or trial and error of such large scale campaigns. 


Our team of professional writers have vast experience in drafting federal proposals, activist campaign strategies, briefing reports, congressional whitepapers and talking points for all levels of government in the United States, EU and other initiatives abroad. Our writers will apply similar strategies and tactics to your campaign.


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